What is sound massage?

Sound massage is one of the ways to relax the body with the pleasant sounds of Peter Hess® therapeutic bowls and their vibration. Our attention is following to the pleasant sounds of bowls, gently come up into a state of deep relaxation, brain activity decreases which gives us a basis for releasing fears and worries and all states that negatively affect our health. Different vibration of bowls gently massages our whole body and impact calming and balancing that bring harmony in our physical, mental and spiritual being. Our body regenerates, revitalizes and energizes. My first encounter, with the sound and vibration of sound therapy bowls, as a client was a love of first sound and treatment. Gentle and pleasant treatment feeling of lightness, regeneration after the first treatment. Many thanks to my good friend Violeta who connected me with this magical method and wonderful teachers Silvana and Mirjana, who introduced me through a whole new world of sound and vibration. Thank you for all the wonderful experiences and socializing with dear acquaintances and friends from the Balkans – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, that I have met through seminars on the way to learning sound massage to the practitioner.

The course of sound massage treatment

The first visit to the sound treatment massage includes an interview conversation about the client’s health condition, possible health problems and usage of therapy. Reason for sound massage can be relaxation due to daily obligations, tension, blockages in a certain part of the body or we are working on a specific problem in the body and also can be overall health improvement. After the interview conversation, we are starting with the sound massage, which is doing on a comfortable therapeutic bed. The client is laying comfortably and covered with blanket.

The massage begins outside the body in the health aura in order that the body easily relax and harmonize with the vibrations of the sound of therapeutic bowls. This is followed by laying and positioning the bowls on the body and sounding them with a specific stick, starting from the feet and the back of the body.
When we have finished the back of the body, the client turns and we do the front of the body.
The massage time is approximately 45-50 minutes.

After a sound massage, it takes 5-10 minutes for the body to integrate and accept in his changes what have taken place. That is the rest time. After massage clients usually feel relaxed, calm and sleep much better. They also have impression that they lost their baggage. When the massage is ended, we exchange experience and impressions during the sound massage and we will arrange the next date.
After the sound massage, the process in the body continues with its rhythm and dynamics, depending on how much the body and the person are ready to relax and work. Everybody reacts differently and has its own process that it goes through.
It is recommended at the beginning of the sound massage do 3-5 consecutive massages at intervals with 5-7 days pause between massages.

For all information do not hesitate to call on cell phone: +381 61 150 57 11
contact person Snežana Kostić or email peterhess.srbija@gmail.com

Bath sound treatment

What is a sound bath treatment?

Sound bath treatment is a bath with the sound of different tones and frequencies of instruments used in this technique. The healing of sound in order to improve health have been known for thousands of years. Various instruments have been used, starting with Tam tam gong, Fen gong, Tibetan bowls, rain stick, basket, sapphire, cymbals that bring us to a state of meditation and relaxation.
Unlike sound massage, which is performed on the client-practitioner relationship and directly on the body, here there is no direct contact with bowls and instruments. It is usually done for a group of people in a lying position.


  • Basic sound massage 45 min
  • Individual sound massage 50 min
  • Partial sound massage 30 min
  • Sound bath 1h agreed permanent appointment

In addition to the treatment with sound massage and sound bath, in our center you can also attend trainings and you can also get all the necessary equipment for working with sound.