Dear friends, future participants, clients
It is a great honor and privilege for us to have become a part of the Peter Hess® Academy Croatia Adria Group team in Serbia and a member of the large world community of sound at the Peter Hess® Institute in Germany, which has 26 academies all around the world.
The Peter Hess® method deals with the application of sound by means of therapeutic sound bowls for therapeutic purposes.
The method is protected and licensed by the Peter Hess® Institute in Germany

About the life of Peter Hess and the origin of sound massage

Peter Hess was born in 1941 in Fulda, Germany. He completed his studies as a physics engineer. After a few years of work, he became a lecturer. He is fulfilling his desire from the childhood to work with young people who have had difficulties through schooling.

Many projects which were created during his studies, he could immediately apply in practice. He was dealing with young people, realizing through his work that the attitude or behavior we have towards them as lecturers is crucial for the success or failure of students. That behavior is a consequence of our impressions and opinions we have about them.

This experience is the core of the development of the sound method (sound massage) and has become his life principle. As Peter Hess himself says, sound massage is closely connected with his life path and his own experience.
1984 is significant for the development of sound massage. While staying in Nepal, Peter Hess came into contact with Tibetan bowls, through research, personal experience he comes to the conclusion that the effect of sound impact on the human body and mind is healing, through two energies that are important to each of us, one brings relaxation and strengthens us and the other brings a new order through solving challenges.

In order to enter the process of creating a new order and solving tasks, we need energies of challenges to make the progress.
The principle – relaxation – challenge is found out in sound massage. That is why this method is important as a support for health and for own development and progress.
When we are in a harmonious sound, we feel protected, relaxed, safe. We have capability to awake our potentials and we can to cope with the challenges and tasks we have in our daily lives.

After his return to Germany, Peter Hess continued with researching and upgrading through his own experiences and he achieved great results through working with people, which led to the Peter Hess® sound massage method and later to the founding of the Institute.

Frequently asked questions about sound massage and sound bath

  • How does sound massage affect the body?

    Sound massage works by relaxing the whole body from blockages with basic sound of therapeutic bowls and a wide range of their overtones, gently massaging the body through the skin, muscles, lymph, all organs in the body till the cells themselves. It harmonizes the body, energizes, regenerates, activates life energy, restores trust in one’s own resources.

  • Which instruments are used in sound massage?

    Peter Hess® therapeutic sound bowls, cymbals and gongs are used during sound massage.

  • What do sound massage bowls consist of?

    Sound massage bowls are made of 12 types of metal. They are handmade and tuned into vibrations and frequencies that correspond to the part of the body which they are placed on.

  • Does the person has the clothes on during the sound massage?

    During the sound massage, the client wears comfortably clothes and is covered with blanket without direct contact with the practitioner.

  • How does a sound massage begin??

    Sound massage begins depending on the client’s needs and the type of massage performed. Usually, the client is lying on his stomach.

  • How long does a sound massage last?

    Sound massage lasts approximately 45-50 minutes.

  • Where is the sound massage performed?

    Sound massage is done on a therapeutic massage bed or on a floor mat, depending on the client’s needs.

  • Is some time for rest necessary after a sound massage?

    The rest time after the sound massage is 5-10 minutes.

  • What are the recommendations after the sound massage?

    After the sound massage, client should drink more water in order to excrete from the body through the lymph what we had started and released during the sound massage.
    If you are taking insulin therapy, check your sugar blood level and then receive insulin (blood sugar may drop)
    It is the same for the treatment of high blood pressure. Check blood pressure and then take therapy (lower blood pressure values ​​are possible after sound massage therapy)

  • What is the difference between basic, individual and partial sound massage?

    • in the basic sound massage, a precisely defined order of laying bowls on the body is followed, which are sounded with a stick.
    • individual sound massage is tailored to the individual needs of the client
    • partial sound massage is performed on the front or back of the body, depending on the needs and capabilities of the client.
  • What are the main aspects of sound massage?

    • Comprehensive method – affects the body, spirit and soul
    • Wealth in the supply of sound the body receives – a wide range of overtones

    After many years of research, scientific studies and practice, we have come to the common conclusions of clients and practitioners how Peter Hess® sound massage affects the human body:

    • deeply relaxing
    • relieves stress, tension and blockages
    • gently massages with sound and harmonizes all cells in the body
    • facilitates the release of negative patterns
    • harmonizes, regenerates and revitalizes
    • strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation
    • restores and relieves the joy of life

    Principles of Peter Hess sound methods

    • Caution
    • Respect
    • Holistic approach
    • Principle – less is more
    • Attention to own resources and solutions, with interaction by conversation
  • In which areas is sound massage applied?

    • Sound massage can be applied on him or on close family members, the emphasis is put on relaxation due to daily stress.
    • Sound massage is applied to acute physical problems where the client becomes aware of his blockages in the body and releases them through sound, vibration and deep relaxation.
    • Sound massage is used for wellness and cosmetic purposes. The effects of sound massage are inner peace, self-confidence, a sense of satisfaction that affect a person’s appearance. Beauty comes from within.
    • Sound massage is an excellent support for healing. Examples are poor circulation, painful joints, indigestion, neurological problems, heart problems.
    • Sound massage in psychotherapy leads to deep relaxation which is the base for all therapeutic procedures in agreement with doctors.
    • Sound massage is effective in working with children, the elderly population, people with health problems. In case of children, it encourages creativity, attention, concentration, imagination, play, joy. In case of elderly persons, it stimulates circulation, relieves joint pain, stimulates the mobility of the whole body, and brings the whole organism into balance.