The Peter Hess ® sound massage practitioner training consists of four seminars and supervision. It is intended for all interested parties, regardless of all previous knowledge and experience related to sound and its application.
The total duration is 86 classes.

Participants can attend only the first seminar without the obligation to continue their education, with which they have the knowledge of basic sound massage that they can apply in personally within their families or with their friends.
I and II seminars consist of 17 classes organized on weekends.

III and IV seminars consist of 34 classes organized during the weekend and two connected working days in a week.
After each seminar, participants receive a certificate of completion of the degree they have attended from the Peter Hess® Institute Germany.

After the supervision seminar, participants receive a certificate from the Peter Hess Institute in Germany entitled Practitioner Peter Hess® Sound Massage.


    In this seminar we are learning with the basic principles of Peter Hess ® sound massage. Through practical work, you will feel the effects of sound and vibration on your own body and through working with other participants. You will receive basic instructions for work and be trained to apply basic sound massage within family or with friends.
    At the end of the seminar, participants receive a certificate from the Peter Hess® Institute in Germany.

    • Pre-conditions: – none
    • Duration: 16 classes
    • Price: 240 euros or in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS
    • Education is led by: Snežana Kostić, assistant lecturer for Peter Hess® sound methods
    • Educational Center Serbia


    • History of Peter Hess® sound massage
    • own experience, feeling and experience of sound in the body
    • getting acquainted with different types of sound bowls
    • theory effect of sound and sound massage
    • Demonstration of Basic Sound Massage
    • guided application of Basic sound massage in pairs
    • independent practical application of sound massage in pairs
    • exchange of experiences
    • possibility of application, restrictions and contraindications

    In this seminar, we extend the application of Peter Hess® sound massage to energetic bodies – aura.
    The aim of this seminar is to improve the feeling and awareness when working with the energy body – the aura and expand the sensitivity to the sound. Our attention is on the mental focus on our own inner peace and the intentions that are the basis of this method and action as a practitioner of Peter Hess® sound massage.
    We expand the application of sound to the body through the application of sound bowls and introduce Feng-gong in the work with the aura for cleaning, strengthening and balancing subtle bodies. Thus, we strengthen health in a holistic sense.
    The knowledge from the basic seminar is upgraded and expanded, our vibrations and intuition are increased by personal experience through individual and group work in sound massage.
    At the end of the seminar, participants receive a certificate from the Peter Hess® Institute Germany.

    • Pre-conditions: I degree
    • Duration: 16 classes
    • Price: 240 euros or in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS
    • education is led by: Silvana Leskovar and Mirjana Maksimović lecturers Peter Hess® Academy Croatian Adria Group


    • aura and its meaning in the application of sound
    • feeling, experience of the aura with the palms, awareness about the aura
    • feeling, experiencing the aura with the sound of sound bowls and the sound of Feng – gong
    • application of a sound hat
    • sound earthing rules
    • practice of new elements in Basic Sound Massage
    • development of dialogue, resonance of relationships without evaluation towards the client and towards oneself.

    Advanced seminars

    The aim of these seminars is to acquire skills in the application of sound massage for relaxation as well as training for the application of sound massage according to the individual needs of each client.
    Participants get knowledge about new elements and gain experience with specific symptoms of the illness.
    Part of the seminar is dedicated to both professional and personal approach, treatment safety, understanding the role of sound masseur in relation to the client, defining the boundaries of sound massage and their own capabilities.

      • Pre-conditions: I and II degree
      • Duration: 32 classes
      • Price 480 euros or in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS
      • Education is led by: Silvana Leskovar and Mirjana Maksimović lecturers Peter Hess® Academy Croatian Adria Group


    • new elements of sound massage and their application
    • change of focus from the patient to the healthy part of the body
    • sound massage of the joints
    • Energy Sound Arc
    • harmonization with the sound pyramid
    • cleaning, harmonization, energy transfer – work with subtle energies
    • application of new elements in partial sound massage
    • sound massage for relaxation including symptoms of illness
    • application and practice for individual sound massage using records for each client
    • chakras, difference in eastern and western approach, meditation and chakras, sound massage and chakras
    • sound massage as a holistic method for improving the health of body, mind and spirit, i.e. physical, emotional, mental and subtle levels
    • cosmic sound bath
    • guided sound meditation, traveling through imagination, the role of visions
    • the limits of sound massage with regard to the client, their own capabilities and legal restrictions

    • Pre-conditions: I, II, III and IV degree
    • Duration: 20 classes
    • Price: 240 euros or in dinar equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the NBS
    • Education is led by: Silvana Leskovar and Mirjana Maksimović lecturers Peter Hess® Academy Croatian Adria Group

    The goal of the final seminar is to increase safety and professionalism in the application of sound massage and to upgrade the acquired knowledge. The focus is on the participant and his practical experiences after the IV seminar. The program is diverse and includes supervision over the practical work of participants and intensive exchange of experiences.
    Starting your own sound massage practice, advertising, ethics and other business issues are also the content of this seminar.
    At the end of the seminar, participants receive a certificate of education from the Peter Hess® Institute in Germany entitled: Peter Hess® Sound Massage Practitioner

    Important: : Until the final seminar, it is necessary for the participants to practice sound massages intensively and documentary record at least 10 conducted sound massages (in written form).

KliK® is a project of applying the sound of sound bowls in working with children.

KliK® means „sound in children’s groups“ and a program according to which children’s pedagogues and therapists for children in kindergartens can use the sound of sound bowls in everyday play and daily events in groups and individually, stimulating the development of motor skills and emotional abilities of children. KliK® contributes to the creation of optimal conditions for the efficient implementation of cognitive programs.

Strengthening of efficiency – developing of learning skills
The overall goal of the KliK® project is sensuality, awareness raising and strengthening of the basic skills needed for observing, learning and solving problems.

By such basic abilities we mean, for example, good, safe and conscious perception of the body. The body is our main contact medium for the inner and outer world. We feel stimuluses and impulses by the body, also receive important signals and communicate (gestures – facial expressions).

Creating pre conditions for concentration and attention
The physical vibrations of sound bowls create vibro-tactile stimulans that can be used for specific stimulations. In addition, the auditory impulse relaxes and reduces stress with harmonious sounds. Relaxation is a pre condition for concentration and attention, thus making it easier to adopt and apply the assigned lessons.
The medium of sound bowls, within the pedagogical application of sound, enables a holistic approach at all levels

The training within Peter Hess® sound pedagogy is intended for professional pedagogical and therapeutic work and ends with a certificate – KliK® expert.

In KliK® seminars we learn about sound and games that belong to today’s concepts and theory of learning (cf. G. Huether, M. Spitzer). They are useful not only for raising awareness of the physical image, but also for training in society and helping to develop communication skills.
Our goal is to teach children how they can use the knowledge and skills they have learned and on their own with responsibllity positively influence the improvement of the learning process.

Different experiences are harmonized, which leads to success in work. Success contributes to the development of a sense of self-efficancy. It inspires our children to grow up into strong, creative and responsible people.

Education for the KliK® program is an offer that allows you to meet the growing demands for professionalism at the basic level and very quickly facilitate everyday work with children.

Price of programs and areas of work

The education for the program „KliK® – sound in children’s groups“ is intended for pedagogues and therapists from the primary sector and their good cooperation, which is necessary to facilitate the transition of children from kindergarten to school.

Institutions and areas of work for the application of the KliK® program

  • kindergartens
  • living room
  • elementary schools
  • crib
  • occupational therapy

KliK® enables teachers to use different, systematic and creative applications of sound bowls in working with children. They are a stimulus and accompaniment in the game that cannot be compared to any other medium. Sound bowls create a harmonious atmosphere in the group and facilitate the work of teachers.

The KliK® program can be effortlessly integrated into the curriculum and further contribute to the learning effects and create a balanced and relaxed atmosphere.

Sound bowls are available in many kindergartens in Europe. Many teachers have accumulated rich experience in working with sound bowls.

Based on these experiences, the Peter Hess® Institute has developed a educaton concept that deepens 4 aspects of this paper:

  1. Large collection of games with sound bowls in kindergartens
  2. Experience with Peter Hess® sound massage
  3.  Stimulation of learning
  4. Development of speaking skills
  5. Strengthening self-confidence – developing the ability to learn
  6. Creating pre conditions for concentration and attention
  7. Various successful experiences with sound

The uniqueness of Peter Hess® therapeutic sound bowls is a holistic approach and therefore a variety of stimulation at all levels.

Learning with sound and special sound massage enhances and encourages

  • basic cognitive abilities such as perception
  • a sense of efficiency
  • communication and expression skills
  • social skills
  • stress prevention

Sound and sound vibrations

  • quickly lead to pleasant relaxation
  • wake curiosity and attention
  • directly communicate with emotions
  • enable a complete body experience
  • Sound is an auditory stimulus
  • vibration is a vibro-tactile stimulus
  • Diverse, sensitive approach to the child

The sound bowl is:

  • Easy to handle
  • independent of cognitive abilities

We hear long before we are born
The ear is fully developed with all their functions after 4-5 months from fertilization.
We hear much longer before we are born, and research related about dying shows that the sense of hearing is last that lost. Our ear is not only an auditory organ but it is also responsible for many other body functions.
Research by a French doctor, Alfred Tomatis, connects almost all cerebral nerves with the ears. The ears are in a unique way neurologically connected with the optic and oculomotor nerves and are therefore connected with both sight and movement.
Impulses from the ear lead to the larynx, bronchi, heart and intestinal tract. This means that our voice, breathing, pulse and digestions are under the impact of ears.
On the examples of listening games, in addition to the entire aspect of perception, we also monitor the perception of volume, direction of movement, volume, ie. auditory context.


Education for Peter Hess – KliK® experts and Peter Hess – KliK® practitioners consists of 4 modules

  • MODULE 1 - workshop

    Sound bowls – play and learn with all the senses
    Goal: sensitization of senses, optimization of processing and perception information
    Method: various creative games and their variations

  • MODULE 2 - seminar

    Peter Hess® sound massage I
    Goal: relaxation and prevention of stress, removal of blockages in learning
    Method: Peter Hess® basic sound massage

  • MODULE 3 - seminar

    How to make learning easier I
    Goal: How to recognize, maintain and strengthen motivation
    Optimization of the learning process
    Improving basic knowledge and skills – perception, motivation, concentration and perseverance
    Method: Sound massage – the effect of the sound of sound bowls on the learning process

  • MODULE 4 - seminar

    How to motivate children by speech and sound
    Goal: develop communication and interaction skills through direct aproach to the child in the group
    Improving verbal and nonverbal communication skills – ability to express – sensitization of perception – from problem to its solution
    Method: Peter Hess® basic sound massage
    Sound communication